Tuesday 5 February, 20:00

Can one be a Catholic priest and an observant Jew, at the same time?
This is a truly remarkable story about a man living his life as a priest only to find out he was born Jewish.
The film will be accompanied by fascinating insight by lawyer, Jonathan Kramer as he presents the legal side based on Israeli court proceedings.

Like all good films, popcorn and drinks will be available on the night.
£3 in advance or £5 on the door.

Please complete the booking form below or call 020 8238 1000

Film Synopsis: 12 years after he was ordained as a priest Romuald Waszkinel found out that he was born to Jewish parents, that his name was Jakub Weksler. Torn between two worlds, a priest in the Polish Catholic church, and an observant Jew. Two conflicting identities that cannot co-exist, but Weksler/Waszkinel is unable to give up either one, each of which demands that he decide who he is. [synopsis source: UK Jewish Film].

Film Screening: Torn

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