Shabbats 21 September, 19 October, 16 November, 21 December, 9:15

21 September - Ki Tavo – Heart warming blessings and blood curdling curses. Join Rabbi Mark to see how the Torah promises us a wonderful life ahead but also terrible consequences if we choose to turn away from its message. Why are such curses included in this portion and what do they mean?

19 October - This Shabbat is Chol HaMoed Sukkot and it is traditional to read the book of Kohelet/ Ecclesiastes. Time will not permit an in-depth study, but we will briefly look at the background of Kohelet, its connection to Sukkot and some of the wisdom it can offer us today. With Rabbi Neil Kraft.

16 November - One of the most important and controversial stories in the Torah is the Akeidah - the binding of Isaac. Abraham, the founding father of our faith, the man who dared to question God at Sodom and Gomorrah, moves to fulfil the commandment to sacrifice his own son at the behest of God without a word. Jews are taught that God tested Abraham with this trial - did he succeed or fail? How do other faiths view this story? For this Bite of Torah, Rabbi Emily invites Dr. Renee Reitsma-Jurman (PhD Philosophy) to discuss faith and action in Judaism and Christianity. With Rabbi Emily Reitsma-Jurman

21 December - Double Crossed at the Crossroads. In the middle of the familiar story of Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat is the much less well known story of Judah and Tamar, the second chapter of Parashat Vayeshev. What is it doing there and what does it teach us about, of all things, the origin of King David? With Rabbi Mark.

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