Ladies of the community do join us. We are Not The Women’s Guild

Forthcoming events include:-

Thursday 17 January 
We are going to the Park Theatre, Finsbury Park, for the 15:00 matinee performance of Rosenbaum’s Rescue. We will be travelling as a group. For more information, please contact Sandra on 020 8958 7140.

Tuesday 12 February
We will be eating out tonight at a local restaurant. This is always a pleasurable and sociable event. If you would like to join us, please contact Andrea on 020 8958 0424 or Evie on 020 8954 5393. 

Meetings begin at 20:15 unless otherwise stated, and a warm welcome is extended to all.
A call to the hostess to let her know you are coming would be appreciated.
For further details ring Evie 020 8954 5393 or Sandra 020 8958 7140.
We look forward to seeing you.