HRS was founded in 1949 by a group of hardworking and dedicated families wishing to create a Reform Community in Hendon.

In the beginning, meetings were held in the homes of the founder members until the first synagogue, now the Kingsley Fisher Hall [named after founders Sidney Kingsley and Ben Fisher] was built several years later.  Services were held in the Methodist Meeting Hall in the Burroughs and as the congregation grew, in other local halls whilst they dreamt of having their own building. In 1950 a disused tennis club became available and was purchased for the sum of £2,600 with funds raised from donations and social events, and at last this small congregation had a plot on which to place  a building.  Work was completed in 1955 and a consecration service for the new synagogue building was held on 6 March by the late Rabbi Dr Arthur Katz who had been Minister from the "dream's" beginning.

The congregation soon outgrew the original building and so after a further programme for fundraising, construction of the annexe which became the synagogue [as known today] begain in 1965. Two  inspiring walls of stained glass windows were commissioned and then offered to congregants to donate in memory of their late loved ones. These magnificant windows depicting both Judicia and biblical scenes together with the marble walls surrounding the hand made Ark provides the warm and serene backdrop of the synagogue. 

A consecration service took place on 14 January 1968 attended by 500 people.