From time to time EHRS will be holding an adult service additional to the regular Shabbat Service commencing at 10.30am..

Saturday 6 January Led by Rabbi Steven Katz 

An abbreviated Shabbat Shacharit service with a Torah reading from Sedrah Shemot. All traditional Hebrew names have meanings. What is your name? Discover it’s meaning. Also the Sedrah records history‘s rst act of national antisemitism. Why is this deadly human virus still mutating so vigorously today? 


Saturday 13 January Led by Rabbi Daniel Smith 

“Who is God?” “What can we say
or know about God?” During our parallel service we will hear some good Jewish answers to these big questions. 


Saturday 10 February Led by Rabbi Neil Kraft. 

A relaxed and informal service with new melodies and prayers. The Torah portion is Mishpatim, and a second scroll will be used for an added reading for Shabbat Shekalim. This is the rst of four specially added Torah readings in preparation for Pesach. Finally we will bless the new month of Adar, the month of joy and happiness, in which we celebrate Purim, and have a discussion about joy in Judaism. 


Saturday 24 February Led by Rabbi Daniel Smith

To remember is a command, to forget can be a blessing. On Shabbat Zachor we consider Jewish views on memory and forgetfulness.