Introduction from the Senior Rabbi

We see our classes as a partnership involving the children, the teachers, Rabbis and Director of Education, the community in general – and, very importantly, you the parents. All of us can play our part in helping our youngsters grow Jewishly, and all of us can gain something in this joint enterprise.

Our children will gain confidence in their Jewish identity so that they can live by the finest values of our tradition.  We want them to grow in their knowledge, practice and love of Judaism.  We want them to learn about Jewish history and Jewish destiny, so that they can feel part of the People and Story of Israel.

The whole community gains by seeing each precious child grow into a precious human adult.  The Jewish community was diminished in the last century.  We are all trying to make the community stronger again by the good work that we do.  

Speaking personally and selfishly, the rabbis and teachers gain every time we see a child growing, developing and discovering more of the richness of Jewish life and tradition. We know that different children learn differently, and have different skills and abilities.  Our wish is to see every child grow and achieve the best that they can.  We want them to enjoy the experience of learning.

I said that Jewish education is a partnership between many partners.  I should mention the Almighty too.  I believe that what we do is pleasing to God, since this Mitzvah is one found in the Shema itself - to tell our children about the one God and to encourage them to walk on good paths.  You, the parents, will gain by knowing that you are fulfilling this great Mitzvah - to raise a child Jewishly.  

We have activities for parents as well as activities for families to do together.  If you feel able to join us for some of our social or educational events, this will help your child make better relationships in the classes and develop a sense of community. Please feel free to talk to members of our education committee, our teaching staff or to the rabbis if you want to know more or do more.


Rabbi Daniel Smith

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