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.. of the Life of EDRS

We regularly welcome non-Jewish schools visiting to learn about what a synagogue is and what happens here, plus our festivals.  We always give them a very interactive presentation with refreshments.  Apart from educating the children and adults about the many activities that happen in a synagogue, it is great PR, as they always leave full of enthusiasm, having thoroughly enjoyed their visit.


We have a vibrant cheder with over 150 children which meet every Sunday morning. Our cheder has been described by others as the ‘best in the area’.  Our success is measured by the many young people who continue with us after bar or bat mitzvah to complete High School or GCSE and then become assistants and teachers in our cheder until they go off to university, some returning later to become teachers again.

We try to approach education holistically encouraging and fostering the relationship between cheder, youth clubs, RSY Netzer, uniform groups and Jewish cultural activities as beneficial to the development of our young members.

We have Bnei Mitzvah classes, currently 45 students preparing for their bar or bat mitzvah.  We are especially recognised for the individual and sensitive way we respond to children with special needs.  For example we believe in making it possible for every child to have a bar or bat mitzvah celebration where they will feel proud of what they  have achieved whatever their ability.  We design the preparation around the child’s needs and abilities with special 1-1 support in every case.

We have a regular 70-80 people at our monthly Torah breakfast especially held for bnei mitzvah families and we hold weekly Shabbat youth services for all ages.

For adults we have vibrant Yiddish and Jewish history classes on Tuesday morning. On-going Hebrew classes and a variety of other educational and cultural programmes which range from studying Tanach and Talmud to cookery and dancing.  We have Israeli film evenings and events, concert series, Shabbat and Sunday shiurim as well as a weekly Sunday Shacharit service.

There are so many activities and opportunities at EDRS, which make it much more than a synagogue, it is a community centre for all ages, or as someone recently described us as a multiplex cinema offering something for everyone.

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