On 19 January 2015, 180 Year 8 students from Canons High School walked to Edgware & District Reform Synagogue to participate in an educational programme on the Holocaust.  For many, it was the first time they had set foot inside a synagogue.


Rabbi Daniel Smith welcomed the students, Andrew Dismore MP, spoke of his visit to Auschwitz and how he had then gone on to help create the nationally recognized Holocaust Memorial Day.   Dr Matthew Offord, Alderman Romain and four Councillors from Harrow were among the distinguished.   The event was led by EDRS’ Youth & Education departments.  There were also many volunteers from the EDRS community who wanted to make the day memorable for their younger visitors and were on hand to answer questions and assist with a workshop based on Irene Sendler, a Catholic social worker in the Warsaw Ghetto, who saved some 2500 Jewish children during the war.

Mala Tribich, a child of the Holocaust, addressed the students about her time in various concentration camps and her fight for survival.   The students then asked her questions.  She has dedicated her life to sharing her remarkable story.

At the end of the afternoon six memorial candles were lit for the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust, and a seventh candle was lit to remember subsequent world genocides.

EDRS educators and youth workers, together with many of the volunteers had attended training provided by Finchley Reform Synagogue. Marian Cohen, Director of Education at EDRS said: “As every responsible community should strive for a better future.   EDRS feels that it is very important to engage our local communities in raising awareness of the Holocaust and denouncing racial and religious hatred which should have no place in any community.”

Photography by Joanna Sigalov:

  • Year 8 Students from Canons High light candles for the 6 million
  • Andrew Dismore MP and distinguished guests
  • 180 Year 8 Students visit the Synagogue
  • 180 Year 8 Students participate in Workshop
  • Mala Tribich and students
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