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Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP)

What is it, why do I need it and  how  do  I  do  it?    The  CRP  is  the Certificate of Religious Practice which all our schools now require in  order  to  ascertain  whether your child has priority admission to a Jewish school.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

MAZEL TOV!  Today begins the journey towards one stage of a much longer Jewish journey.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah is about ritual maturity; about growing up as a Jew. While it marks the time when a young person becomes a fuller member of the Jewish community, it is also about moral responsibility, connecting to Torah, to community, and to God.

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Children’s Education

We have a vibrant children’s education programme called Orot (lights) with over 100 children which meet every Sunday morning. Orot has been described as the ‘best in the area’.  Our success is measured by the many young people who continue with us after bar or bat mitzvah to complete High School or GCSE and then become teaching assistants and teachers.

We try to approach education holistically by encouraging and fostering the relationship between Orot, Youth Club, RSY Netzer, uniform groups and Jewish cultural activities such as trips to places of interest that enriches the Jewish expereinces of our young members.



Introduction from the Director of Education

For me Jewish education must go beyond teaching Hebrew and Jewish topics, this is certainly important if we want children to have some understanding and appreciation of the fabulously rich Jewish heritage they have inherited. Another very important aspect of Jewish education is teaching our children to feel something about that subject matter.  It should also be about helping them to learn and remember the values and traditions, which are central to us as Jews and endeavouring to mold mentches, good, kind people, educated and grounded in Jewish ethics and behaviours.

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Introduction from the Senior Rabbi

We see our classes as a partnership involving the children, the teachers, Rabbis and Director of Education, the community in general – and, very importantly, you the parents. All of us can play our part in helping our youngsters grow Jewishly, and all of us can gain something in this joint enterprise.

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