Saturday 7 March
Mamzerut – Excluding Jews from their community.
Emma Rozenberg is a family lawyer who is doing research for her PHd on the Orthodox phenomenon of mamzerut.  This is where a child born to a woman whose ex-husband refuses to grant an Orthodox religious divorce is excluded from aspects of participation in the Orthodox community, such as marriage. She will explain the situation and its painful effects. Hosted by Rabbi Mark.

Saturday 4 April

Our First Shabbat Shiur is given by Marie Van Der Zyl, President of the Board of Deputies. Marie was elected President in 2018. In this Shiur she will share with us the challenges and delights of enabling our diverse Jewish community to have a voice in government and the nation, steering the Board through controversial issues and empowering the Board to help the development of the British Jewish community. Marie will also be giving the sermon this Shabbat.